SA700 COB 輕巧碟(COB mini Flash Drive)

SA700 (最低訂購量50pcs)

SA700 輕巧碟|COB mini Flash Drive|

  1. COB 迷你微晶防水新潮設計 
  2. 體積小可當手機吊飾/鑰匙圈 
  3. 客製化 LOGO / 網版印刷 / 雷射雕刻 
  4. 材質: 鋁合金 / PP 

  Aluminum material& colorful case for optiona COB & Water proof new technology designed Mini size can be used for a nice decoration 
​  gift Customized your logo by screen imprint or laser engraving.

  The charm is compact, cute and stylish and can carry your logo / artwork on both sides, either printed or engraved.
  It is also available in three different metal finishes; gold, silver and gun metal grey and is available in memory sizes upto 16GB.
  ​The Charm USB memory stick ideal for attaching to mobile phones, MP3 players, lanyards and other devices.

Product Show | 雷射雕刻


產品規格|Product Feature|

容  量: 2G; 4G; 8G; 16G; 32GB; 64GB
可選顏色: 銀
記  憶 體: 使用原廠Hynix / Samsung / Toshiba flash chips
控制 IC: 聯盛/安國/群聯
電源供應: USB埠直接供電,不需外接電源
使用溫度: 0°C to+60°C(32°F to 140°F)
介面相容: USB2.0高速傳輸介面,向下相容於USB1.1介面
隨插即用: 採用熱插拔技術,支援省電模式
資料保存: 可超過十年
適用環境: windows 98/98SE/ME/XP/2000/win7/vista, Mac OS 8.6,Linux2.1.0 or above(Drivers required for windows 98/98SE)
主體尺寸: 長 27 mm 寬 12 mm 厚度 3.5 mm;重量:3g

Storage Capacity : 2G; 4G; 8G; 16G; 32GB; 64GB
Colors : Silver
Chips brand : Hynix / Samsung / Toshiba flash chips
Controller IC :UT / Alcor / Phison
Temperture : 0°C to+60°C(32°F to 140°F)
Compatibility : High speed USB 2.0 interface ; USB 1.1 compatible
Hot plug & Play : Hot Plug & Play , support save power mode
Data retention: 10 year min.
Operating System : Windows 98/98SE/ME/XP/2000/win7/vista ;
                                Mac OS 8.6 ; Linux2.1.0 or above
 Product size : 27 × 12 × 3.5 mm , Weight : 3 g

推薦包裝|Package Show|

此款推薦PP01 透明盒包裝
量身打造EVA內襯,防止移動中刮傷及撞擊,透明盒提供客製化 網版印刷  讓禮品更加精美 

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